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The General Education Committee is established to assist National Chiao Tung University with the design of university general education and general studies curriculum, including two sub-committees, the Center for General Education and Arts Center.



General education is geared towards full and balanced development of university education, which emphasizes on the holistic idea of comprehensive development in students, encouraging students to comprehend multiple subject elements in politics, economy, laws, social sociology, humanities, technology, and information through studying general education curriculum in different fields. Students are expected to improve their progress in interdepartmental knowledge and become professional talents with interdisciplinary qualities.




  1. Guide students to understand the meaning and value of life through robust development of physical and mental state.
  2. Cultivate students with clear communication in foreign language and capability of expression in addition to broaden international horizon.
  3. Broaden the horizon of knowledge for students, enhancing their comprehensive understanding in humanity, art, society, and natural science.
  4. Improve the humanity quality in students by enhancing their capability to art appreciation and inspiring them with potential of creativity.
  5. Guide students with systematic interdisciplinary learning and equip students with interdisciplinary and diverse thinking as well as the cognition on affairs of non-professional fields.
  6. Students have group cognition and capabilities to discover and solve problems, in order to become an international citizen with humanities and care and moral cultivation.
  7. Discipline students with robust physique and develop expertise in exercise, turning exercise into proper leisure and the lifelong habit for physical and mental adjustment.
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